I remember my father telling me a story years ago about a very hot day in south Georgia. He said that he was plowing corn with his mule. It seems that it got so hot that day that the corn started popping. The old mule thought it was snowing and froze to death. Well we had a day just about as hot as that yesterday here on the plantation. We are in the midst of our sweet corn harvest; so we are all having to stay out in the fields a good bit. The temperature/humidity index hit 113 degrees at 2:00 pm. When you add about two trillion gnats swarming around your face to the opressive heat, it’s safe to assume that we were not happy campers.


Many of out guests look at these beautiful facilities located here along the flowing Flint River and ask us why we do not operate an off season business. To which I always respond,”you have to be a native to survive South Georgia in the summer time”.


While the farm crew is trying to draw all of the gnats in creation to the field, the conservation crew is steadily planting food plots for the quail. We are seeing so may pairs of quail lately that we have had to institute a speed limit on our woods roads. After experiencing several years of spring and summer droughts at Riverview, we decided to plant a drought resistant sorghum in many of our food plots this year. Guess what? Ronnie bogged down three times yesterday on the lead tractor and harrow that makes the first pass over the ground! Go figure. I think that we guess the weather around here like I do the stock market. If I buy it,you should short it if you wannt to make money.