We are gonna have a baby!

OK, now that the title has rocked your socks, let me hasten to clarify that title. Martha and I are not going to have a baby as that would rank right up there behind the immaculate conception of Jesus. Neither are any of our adult children who are all in their 40’s, and have decided that they are finished with having children. However, I have decided that it is time for a new puppy in my life. It has been seven years since my beloved Chocolate Lab, Sugar, died. As I have mentioned before, the very last thing that Sugar did was try to lick the tears from my eyes before she gently passed on.


I have always believed that I love my dogs too much, and the death of one is like the loss of a family member. After Sugar died, I promised myself that she would be the last dog to break my heart by passing. I now realize that there is a void in my life that needs filling for my mental health. I need a dog to love, and one to love me. As Charles Morgan once said, “A dog is the only creature on earth that lives with his God.” A dog’s love is unconditional, and I need a puppy in my life.


In about three weeks, I will be purchasing a very rare colored grey and liver roan Cocker Spaniel. With apologies to our Yankee guests, I plan to name him Rebel in honor of his grey coat. This will also be the first dog that I have ever owned that I did not train as a hunting dog. Robert Ruark once said, “A man who’s got to break a dog doesn’t deserve the dog.” I started training dogs as a very young person, and have to admit that most of my dogs trained me rather than vice versa. I will train Rebel to sit, stay, and come to me, but have no intention of training him as a hunting dog. I want an inside house dog to sit in my lap, lick my face, and love me as only a dog can do. I have finally realized that this love was missing in my life, and I need that now as Martha continues to battle and win her fight with ovarian cancer. She is currently ranked number one of 70 women in the nation in response to this clinical trial program, and I KNOW that God is at work in her life and mine.


Due to our travel schedule being very limited because of her frequent trips to Augusta and back in one day, I don’t see us traveling the world as we have for the past ten years. A puppy dog in our home will bring both of us a lot more joy and peace. I am counting on Rebel to train me and love me. He comes from a good registered stock. To quote Robert Ruark once more, “Boy,” the old man said, “I will tell you a very wise thing. If a man is very intelligent, there’s practically nothing a good dog can’t teach him. But, a dumb man can’t learn anything from a smart dog, while a dumb dog can occasionally learn something from a smart man.” I believe that I have at least modest intelligence, and know that Rebel will be a smart dog, given his pedigree. I am both anxious and excited to begin a new chapter in my life.


Before closing, let me just say that college football has already started which means a weather change and hunting season is just around the corner. Our phones are beginning to ring more with folks asking for available dates, and we do have some openings as long as you are not date specific. However, you could get lucky, and find the date you want available. While I would not have chosen a hurricane to cause this, I can honestly say that Riverview has never been more beautiful, and the hunting should be the best ever. The courses, ground cover, and woods are in pristine condition. If you have not called for a reservation, I would encourage you to do so. After Labor Day, our phones generally start ringing off the hook.


In closing, let me just say that may God bless each of you and your families, and COME ON DOWN FALL SEASON. I have had enough of heat, humidity, and gnats!!