Various Thoughts

It has been said that two of the things that a man can want the most are sex and rain. Well, we caught up on the rain part last night. We have learned to be expert meteorologists here at Riverview. As the brain trust of Cader IV, Jerry, Greg , and I studied the weather early yesterday morning, we made the decision to get everyone up early yesterday. We had an early breakfast, and had everyone on the jeeps at 8:30 am, and we hunted until 1:00 pm. We changed our normal three hour morning hunt to a four and a half hour hunt. Just about the time all of the jeeps rolled in at 1:00 pm it began to sprinkle. Shortly after that as Noah would have said, “It came up a cloud”, and the skies opened up. There was some major league snoring going on yesterday afternoon in our cottages and some rested, happy hunters at dinner last night. This morning has broken raw and overcast, but the rain has all moved well east of us.


Speaking of hunting, Jerry just informed me that one of our prized English Cockers gave birth to seven puppies last night. You would think that Jerry was the grandfather from the way he was carrying on about how pretty they were this morning. We are very excited about this litter as they come out of two really good blood lines. We continue to get rave reviews from all of our guests about these little dogs, and we are definitely expanding this program in the years ahead. Not only have they added to the quality of the hunts, but they are some of the sweetest dogs I have ever seen. If one of them ever washes out of the program as a retriever, I plan to take one for a house pet.


In closing, allow me to make a personal observation. last night as Martha and I were leaving church, I found myself once again waiting for her to speak to every soul at church before ambling to our car in the deluge. That got me to thinking. there are definitely two typed of folks in the world– Those who want to go home and those who don’t. The trouble is that they are usually married to each other. Such is definitely the case for me. I do not have to wait for the fat lady to sing while Martha has what I term as “departure anxiety”. Oh well, that is what makes life interesting !