Tornados and Covid-19

Agriculture and timber were deemed essential businesses, but we tried to rotate employees, and keep them spread out. As to the tornado, I wanted to let everyone know that we are fine here. The tornado that formed was big and long lived. It began in Pelham which is our county, and then went on through, Moultrie, Nashville, Adel, and all the way over to Waycross, Georgia. It left massive destruction to structures, but I have not heard of any fatalities.

Now as to the Covid 19 virus, as I said earlier, both agriculture and timber were considered as essential businesses. However, we rotated some employees in and out, and never had anyone close to anyone else. This shelter in place business has been a no brainer for many of our employees as they have done this for years, but I know all of their hiding spots, and was thrilled to find none of them there. I am not certain when Cader IV intends to open us back up to full employment coming to work, but I totally agree with him as to how he is handling it right now. On a per capita basis Dougherty County (Albany) ranks number one in the state for both having the virus and in deaths. Our county which has a much smaller number of people ranks 6th in the state. It’s just not a safe environment for our most precious possession-our employees to work in.

I think that we would be hard pressed for them to find anything to do right now that would not do us more harm than good. We got 4.8 inches of rain yesterday to go along with almost 2 inches earlier this week. Folks, that’s enough rain to bog a buzzard’s shadow! Anything that we tried to do in either the fields or the woods would do more harm than good.


This blog was meant as an informative blog rather than a funny one. I did want everyone to know that we are OK, and I pray that you and your families are also. Hopefully, my next blog will be on a lighter subject.