Rumors of my demise are not true even though I’m nearer my expiration date than I once was. The truth of the matter is that I’ve been traveling a lot this spring and summer with my new lady friend, Carol. Due to that fact, y’all probably know as much about what’s happening at Riverview as I do.


However, since Cader IV has threatened to cut my pay (AGAIN) due to dereliction of duty, I thought that I should polish the rust off my brain cells and start writing again. My first step will be to go home and spend some time on the plantation riding around visiting with Cader, and hopefully, catching my two beloved grandchildren, Caroline and CB Cox V for a visit. I believe that those two have busier schedules than I did during my business career.


This blog is mostly to serve as a promo of future musings. Because of that, please allow me to close this short blog with a few random thoughts:


  1. If you travel to Canada, be certain to call the original inhabitants “Indigenous People” rather than “Indians”. That ranks right up there with my calling the piece of cloth I use when showering a “wash rag” rather than a “bath cloth”. My friend, Carol, is trying to introduce me to high urban society with no luck.
  2. People who appear old, may not necessarily be so. I learned that to my embarrassment when I congratulated an elderly couple for joining us on a small trip tour of Canada involving a good bit of walking only to learn that they were my age. I wanted to climb under a rock and hide.
  3. Our ancestors didn’t come to America, and bitch and complain about how many freebies they are entitled to.
  4. Studies show that 100% of criminals commit less crime after they are shot.
  5. Lastly, I watched all of the college student protests concerning the Israel-Hamas conflict with great dismay. When Cader IV was in the 7th grade, he once told me boldly that I couldn’t pick his friends. To which I responded firmly with my elbow under his chin while his feet battled for a toehold on the floor, “Son, I can pick your friends, clothes, AND nose as long as your feet are under my table.” Where are or were the parents of these young idiots? Also, it certainly takes a lot of coordination to pull off a SPONTANEOUS demonstration.

Well, that’s it for this blog, but I need to close by thanking the man who invented air conditioning. Without him, I believe that the south would be void of people by now which would certainly make the rabid environmentalists happy.


May God bless you as you enjoy the spring or summer depending upon where you live!