This & That

Is it just me, or does everyone else wish that our nation would just pick a time, and stay on it? While I know that this is not a hot political issue, the time changes in the fall and spring drive me crazy. Even though it is Thanksgiving morning, I was once again wide awake and drinking coffee at 4:30 am. Evidently, my body still thinks that it’s 5:30, and I can’t convince it otherwise.


I usually slip out into the den to read and watch the local news since I have no desire to awaken my wife who takes a dim view of my early rising habits, and she takes an extremely dim view of being waked up at what she deems ” an ungodly hour”, I can’t really say that I blame her for that.


However, it is fun to sit out in our den which is mostly plate glass and Pecky Cypress with a very high ceiling. I can see God’s creation start to break light each morning on one of the most beautiful places on earth. There are almost always a few deer that have bedded down in our yard that start to amble about shortly after sun up, and then a little while later along comes the turkeys taking care of the acorn crop for me.


Thanksgiving is the one holiday that Martha and I are blessed to have all of our children and grandchildren with us. We are even more blessed that we have guests at Riverview over Thanksgiving which means we all get to eat at one big table here at the Lodge, and Martha does not have to cook for this army of family. Thanksgiving night dinner at Riverview is the only meal here that is served buffet style. We have smoked turkey and ham plus all of the traditional dishes that have been in the Cox family for generations.


Cader IV will set a time for dinner, and warn the guests that if they are late, they may fall in line behind the Cox clan. We’ve never had any guest late for Thanksgiving dinner. All of the Riverview family joins me in wishing you and your families a very happy Thanksgiving. We all have a lot to be grateful for !