This & That

First of all, I just have to say that the Rose Bowl was one of the greatest football games that I have ever watched. Martha and I ,as well as our three grown children, are all UGA grads. I also serve on two UGA Boards; so we bleed Red & Black in the Cox household. However, I have a lot of great friends from Oklahoma, and I am not about to brag, especially since you hunt with us and none of your checks have ever bounced! I believe that I would have enjoyed the game more had I just been a fan of college football rather than a loyal alumnus. I was completely sweated down by the time the Dogs won in double overtime.


Next, I want to apologize to all of my friends of Northern persuasion (I’m not even going to use the “Yankee” word). Evidently the Lord did not take too kindly of me for making fun of you folks who live in the colder climates on my last blog. It has been so cold here for the past week that I have been considering heading farther South. Well, that will not work because of the ice, sleet, and snow storm that developed off of the east coast last night. We missed it here at Riverview by a scant 35 miles to the east of us. My daughter, Holly, who lives in Moultrie, Ga. sent me some video footage from her yard which would make me believe that she lived in the Colorado mountains. It takes Martha and me only about 50 minutes to drive to Moultrie when we go visit Holly and family, but Moultrie is due east of Riverview.


We were a little overcast and COLD this morning, but that was it. All of our guests were able to bundle up and head out on their convertible jeeps. I will admit to being not the least bit jealous of a single one of them as they climbed into the jeeps while I headed back into my office. I did stand outside and visit with them until it was time to go hunting. But, I was dressed like “Nanook of the North”, and I can guarantee you that this baldhead was well covered! Maybe someone needs to invite a politician to hunt at Riverview, and soon because we need some hot air to warm us up just a little bit. However, cold and dry weather conditions make for great quail hunting; so I should not complain.