This & That

I had glaucoma and cataract surgery on Monday, and my key board is still a bit fuzzy to me; so if you read any misspelled words in this blog, please blame it on blindness rather than ignorance. Unless someone calls for a date this week, we will ring the bell on our 2015-2016 hunting season next Saturday.


It has been an excellent season, quality wise. The cover in the woods has been outstanding, and our English Cockers have been a huge hit with all of our guests. Our occupancy rate is going to be down just a bit this year, and we can attribute every bit of that to the oil patch. I may be the only South Georgia farmer praying for higher oil prices even though we use a lot of gas and diesel here. The guys in the oil patch like to hunt, and we need and appreciate that business. We are still going to have a great year here, and our rebookings for next season are indicative of a bunch of happy hunters who visited Riverview this fall and winter.


I want to briefly change the subject to politics although we train our guides not to get into that subject with our guests. I was just reading where the current U.S. population is 323 million people. Is Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton the best two folks we can find to run for president out of 323 million people. Heck, I have visited with at least 1500 folks at Riverview this season who are more qualified than either of these two folks. Perhaps the best people just do not want to wallow in the pig pen of politics.


And another question about politics–can you believe how many people in this great nation identify themselves as socialists? I truly believe that this includes a lot of young people who do not even know what socialism really means. Maybe they think that it is like the social chairman of a fraternity or sorority that plans the parties and bands. We have fought wars to defeat this type of government ! Someone needs to help me understand the mentality of this country because I can no longer identify with the majority of the citizens. I do remember my dad saying this to me in his later years,” Son, never, ever fail to recognize the dumbness of the average voting population”. Pop, you were right!


I will do a final recap of the hunting season next week. For the moment, I want to thank those of you who visited and hunted with us this season. And for those of you who could not make it this year, you were missed!