This & That

Well, sweet corn harvest is in full swing now, or at least it was until Monday’s monsoon rains from tropical storm Colin reached us. Thank goodness, there was no wind associated with this storm in our area, but we did receive anywhere from 3-6 inches of rain on that day. For some strange reason, our harvesting crew expressed no desire to get off the bus and start picking corn that day. However, they have been making up for lost time since then. Of course after that much rain, we are having to use our dozers to push and pull the mule train and field trucks through each planting. It’s a lot of fun if you are a big fan of mud bogging events.


One area that really benefited from the heavy rains was our woods. You could almost see the trees, food plots, and natural cover smiling since we have just been through an abnormally dry May for our area. The old adage,” April showers bring May flowers” only works if you get a little bit of rain in May. We received very little rain in May; so this deluge was a welcome event for our hunting operation.


Everything here has settled into our normal summer routine with one exception, and that is me! I’m not working as long or as hard as I have for the past 45 years. I kind of feel like I have earned the right. As a matter of fact, I have one of my 10 year old grandsons spending three days with me this week. Since he is one of my triplets, I will be repeating that process for the next two weeks after this since everything has to be equal with this bunch, and they DO keep score. He and I are spending the afternoons exploring the woods, learning nature facts, and hunting for arrowheads. He bagged his first squirrel yesterday, and I can assure you that you would have thought that he had killed a Boone & Crockett buck. City chillun!! That’s why God gave them a set of country grandparents.


In closing, let me mention for those of you on our active mailing list, we mailed our summer newsletters on Monday. One day next week, I’m going to attempt to scan that newsletter, and post it to my blog site. Of course that might be above my technical abilities; so I’m making no promises. I hope everyone is having a good summer, and look forward to seeing y’all this fall or winter.