This & That

They say that two things that man can catch up on the quickest are sex and rain. We are about caught up on rain, but we were very grateful to get it as it had gotten quite dry here. I could hardly believe my eyes when my rain gauge totaled 4.4 inches for the last few days. The pines and food plots are grinning like a bunch of mules eating briars. It rained so hard at times that not even the gnats could get off of the ground. Since I have been inside a good bit, Rebel and I have had even more time to bond.


I have discovered that he is part English Cocker and part beaver. That rascal knows that he likes to keep his canine teeth sharp by chewing on the furniture, electrical cords, and anything else that strikes his fancy. He is a love muffin and loves to sit in my lap. I just wish that he would give me a little notice before he leaps feet first into my easy chair. I can now sing Soprano thanks to his big feet.


This is a trying time that we are living in right now. Covid19 is a very real threat to a lot of people. Out here in the country, we have very little problems with social distancing except at church. We have closed every other pew at church, and we require families to sit together which is pure punishment for our teenagers. I remember having to sit next to my parents as a teenager due to youthful misbehavior. Pop would thump my head like a ripe watermelon while Mom would pinch me if I started squirming. My parents had no clue what standing in a corner was but were firm believers in corporal punishment.


Things are going well on Riverview. Construction work on our two decks are almost finished. The woods and food plots are looking good thanks to the rain. We have really dedicated a lot of work to dog training, and it is paying off. We want to get everything done by August when only a native can survive South Georgia. That is when we will move inside the shop and go through all of our jeeps. A few jeeps that looked very much like a quail will have to be sanded and repainted to get the pellets out of them.


In closing, I read this line by a gentleman named Bill Keane who said, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God which is why we call it the present.” We hope that y’all will enjoy some “presents” with us this year.