The Power of Prayer

Before I start on this short blog, I will say that I remember a line from one of my favorite country music songs that said,” Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers”. I know that to be a true sentiment as I have prayed for some things that I did not need, but certainly thought I did at the time.


However, after keeping Cader IV and Heather’s two children from Sunday to Wednesday afternoon, I am certain that God has answered one of my prayers from long ago. When Martha and I were raising our children, at least I found raising a son to be more difficult than a daughter, and Cader IV has two older sisters. Well, my dad told me that I had gotten exactly the son I deserved because he acted just like I did at that age.


So, I can remember looking at Cader IV many times when he was young and praying,” God, please give him a son someday who will be as much fun and a challenge to him as he is to me”. Well, after this time spent with Caroline and CB Cox V, I think that it’s a safe bet that my prayers are going to be answered. Martha and I had a blast with both of them, and loved every minute of it, but I can see those Cox genes coming!!


Speaking of prayer, we are very dry here. I promised myself that I would never pray for rain again after the flood of 1994, and I have kept that promise. However, I did mention to Him that we are getting pretty dry down here in South Georgia last night. I am also beseeching God to raise us up a great leader for this nation. We need one now in the worst way !