Thanksgiving Family and Hunting

Since we are in the hunting business and our season only lasts six months, we can’t afford to close down for all of the holidays. We do shut down for a solid week around Christmas, but we have always stayed open for guests hunting here over the Thanksgiving holidays.Thanksgiving is also the holiday that usually finds all of my children and grandchildren here because children can always be baited in with the promise of a lot of food and free hunting.Many years ago, before Martha and I even had children,much less grandchildren, an old Oklahoma oilman once said to me,”Son, I love the holidays and the pretty holiday lights. But the prettiest lights I ever see are the tail lights of my children and grandchildren as they drive away from my garage”. I now understand what he meant. Whew!


We had a lot of fun,but old folks get accustomed to a schedule, and there is no schedule with a house full of rambunctious grandchildren. I took the five who were old enough to go with me on a short quail hunt Friday morning to observe. Then we had a dove hunt on Friday afternoon. Two of the five grandchildren were old enough to hunt dove,but not quail. They each shot a couple of doves with their youth model shotguns while the younger three claimed to have killed literally hundreds with their BB guns. I sense the making of real hunters in this younger pack as they already know how to stretch the truth.


Precious memories !