Thanks to the Geniuses in Washington

Thanks to the geniuses in Washington we are being forced to buy a computer system and software that will track every crate of our sweet corn by the color,the grower,the crate,the field, and the particular planting all the way to your grocery store in your home town. This falls under the federal Food Security Act that evidently was passed by some non-farm politicians. The theory behind this is to protect the American consumer from having their food sources contaminated by a bunch of terrorists. Now think about this folks. We live in a little podunk community where everyone not only knows one another, we also know what model pick-up truck you drive,your family, and a ton of gossip on each individual who lives here. Don’t you think that a terrorist would stick out like a fish out of water.


At any rate, Cader IV and I left Tuesday morning for a 7 hour drive to south Florida to view the system that we have purchased and installed at our operation which is already in operation at Hugh Branch Inc. in South Bay, Fl. Cader IV said to me as we left,” Pop,if you will drive from here to Valdosta which is about an hour and a half away, I will drive the rest of the way”. Now that sounded like a plan to me since I had my IPad and needed to study for a board meeting. Little did I realize that Cader had evidently always harbored a fantasy of being a race car driver. I’m not certain whether I will be prepared for my board meeting tomorrow or not, but I am certain about two things. I am certainly glad that my Mom taught me to always pack extra underwear for a trip, and I am certain that I will never travel with him driving again without a Xanax in my pocket. Since I abhor my wife’s backseat driving and loud breath intakes when I am driving, I never uttered a word. Of course, it is difficult to talk and pray at the same time anyway.


We made it to south Florida and back safely, praise the Lord ! It was a productive and informative trip. I did want to share one observation with y’all about our trip. After driving through Pahokie, Belle Glade, Canal Point, etc., I have reached the firm conclusion that south Georgia does not have the red-neck market cornered! There are some “Bubba’s” in that part of the world that could hold their own with the best I’ve ever seen.