I know that those of you who read my occasional posts have noticed that I poke gentle fun from time to time at our northern guests. But, I really do love Yankees. We would probably still be picking cotton and starving to death were it not for those wonderful northern guests of ours. As a matter of fact, Yankees are much like cotton, but they are a lot more fun plucking.


Today I want to talk about folks from another part of this great nation. As F. Scott Fitzgerald opined in his book, The Great Gatsby,” The rich are not like you and I”.Well, here’s a newsflash for you,”Neither are Texans”!There was a time that I classed Texans as southerners, but I have decided that they are a subspecies all to themselves. The first time I observed this was in my early years here. As any of you who have ever hunted with us know that we have a strict ” no alcohol policy” during the hunting day. Once as I was walking around the lodge grounds during the noon hour, I noticed one of our Texas guests guzzling a cold beer. I walked up to him and asked him if he remembered our conversation about no alcohol during the day. He calmly looked at me and replied,”yes”. I pointed at his beer and asked him about what he was drinking. He said,’Son, this ain’t alcohol. It’s a beer”. The scary thing is that he was as serious as a heart attack when he said it.


Well, last night we had a late arrival in Tallahassee who happened to be one of Tyler,Texas’s finest citizens, I am sure. He insisted on renting a car and driving in late at night by himself. Texans are a rather independent lot. We took every precaution to see that he got here since we would all be sound asleep if and when he drove in. We gave him good directions to Riverview and good directions to his cottage. As a stop gap measure, we also printed directions to his cottage and told him that they were taped to the rocking chair on the porch of the main lodge. Allow me to interject here that our cottage directions have been left that way for late arrivals for decades, and we have never had a guest fail to find his cottage—until last night.


Do you remember my comment about us all being sound asleep when Tyler’s finest citizen arrived. Well, we were, but the guests in the other six cottages that were not a part of his group did not fare as well.This morning after a considerable amount of teasing, our guest looked at me much like my beer drinking Texan of old and said,” I can’t believe y’all sneaked around this morning and placed signs on all of the cottages after I got in”.


Oh, the life of an Inn Keeper!