Technology and Me

One of the perks that I had placed in my exceedingly long employment contract( according to Cader IV) was that the company had to provide me with a new car every three years. Well, that day arrived, and my new car is here. Had it not been for Cader IV, it would still be sitting right where they dropped it off. There are so many gizmos and features on this car that I do not have a clue how to use it. What ever happened to cranking up, putting the car in gear, and driving off.


One thing I did get a kick out of was how excited Cader IV was to show me the push button start on the car rather than a key to turn. I hated to bust his bubble, but that’s the way I remember all of our first cars starting. But, no, I do not remember when you had to turn a crank handle to start the engine. The entire control panel is computerized now, and some of the features make no sense to me at all, and will most likely go unused for three years.


Technology is great, but I could tell the car and tractor makers that everything new is not necessarily better. As far as I’m concerned, the dimmer switch for the headlights would still make more sense in the floorboard of a car as in the old days. As to tractors, they look like the inside of the cockpit of an airplane. If the computers and GPS units on our tractors ever went out, I doubt that anyone other than me could lay out a straight row, and I wouldn’t know how to crank the darn tractor anymore.


Speaking of tractors, it looks like we will start harvesting sweet corn this weekend; so y’all please get hungry for corn, and buy a lot of it. The crop looks good, but we never know about the price other than the fact that the market generally falls on the day Riverview starts picking. I would really love to have a little chat with the man who wrote the song,” Summer Time and the Living is Easy”.


Summer time in South Georgia is high humidity, high temperatures, and ten gazillion gnats. We have some guys running chain saws thinning out undesirable hardwoods between the rows of a lot of our younger pine plantations. Other men will be in the sweltering heat of the sweet corn fields while a few lucky men will be on tractors or working young dogs in the shaded area where the temperatures will only reach the low 90’s.


In closing, let me share with you a little gem a good friend sent me. I was having a small pity party about the heat, my arthritic back, and vision problems when out of the clear blue this friend sent me an email telling me to go to YOU Tube and search for ” David Ring–Champion in the Game of Life”. The video was 44 minutes long, but I watched it as my morning devotional this morning, and God gave me a great attitude adjustment.


I don’t have ANY problems, and I AM blessed. I hope that each of you and your families will be blessed also this summer.