Rain is a Good Thing!

I never realized the power of the pen until my last blog asking everyone to buy sweet corn. We have gone from limited harvest daily and selling our product below breakeven to a profitable price with demand exceeding supply. Some of y’all must have bought a lot of sweet corn, and told your friends to do the same. All I can say is, THANK YOU, THANK YOU”. Cader IV’s children may even be able to afford to buy something other than spam and baloney meat to eat if this trend holds.


Speaking of trends, a wise old mentor of mine once told me,” Son, if it’d good, you ought to have to share it. If it’s bad you ought not to have to bear it alone”. Since I had whined about losing money in the sweet corn business for the past 12 days, I thought it only appropriate to let y’all know that the worm has finally turned. If I was a vindictive sort, I would wish for the grocery store chains to be unable to find enough corn at any price, but God has taught me not to feel that way.


One of the things benefitting the sweet corn business is also really helping the hunting business . June is normally a hot and dry month for us in South Georgia, but we have been receiving an abundance of beneficial rains. There have been about three tropical storms that have formed in the gulf and gone west of us. However, those storms have opened up the gulf for business, and we have been getting some rain almost every day. Our woods and food plots are just smiling and growing. I do not believe that we have seen a 90 degree day in the past 12 days, and that’s virtually unheard of in June. We failed to get the global warming message from Al Gore down here, but our last leg of mail always comes via pony express anyway.


Changing the subject completely, I have been watching the terrorist carnage in England and France being inflicted on innocent civilians by trucks and cars. If these countries follow US logic, they will ban vehicles and make everyone go back to riding horses. That makes just as much sense to me as gun control does. We just had a prominent farmer in our area who lives deep in the country  who was robbed, shot twice, and stabbed. I am praying for him to pull through this ordeal. Now someone could catch me outside in my yard after exercising, and I will not have a weapon on me. Other than that and the shower, I am going to be armed so that Martha and me at least stand a fighting chance. I know all of this crime is related to drugs and the breakdown of the nuclear family.


I grew up in an era of unlocked doors and keys left in cars. Sadly, that situation no longer exists even way out here in the country. I spend a lot of time in prayer for this great nation because we certainly need to make a change. Even our politics has become a nasty, blood sport. I know for a fact that united we stand while divided, we will fall. We can agree to disagree while maintaining a degree of civility and respect. Also what ever happened to the quaint art of compromise? Oh well, I live in my own little world, but that’s OK. Everyone knows me here. And I don’t need to do drugs because I can get the same affect by standing up too fast!