Sweet Corn

Well, apparently, you folks did not heed my advice to buy and eat a lot of sweet corn this year because the pricing was abysmal. I have always been told that money and a good lawyer can win any case. If any of you know a good lawyer who can beat the supply/demand law, I will gladly hire him. We had good yields and great quality, but there is just too much over production of sweet corn now in our area which can over supply the US during our 10 week window. When we first got into this business in 1982, there was only our operation and one other operation growing sweet corn during this period of the year. We made out like bandits for a while. According to our sweet corn brokers, there are now at least 26 operations in South Georgia and the North Florida Panhandle growing sweet corn. When you have squash and cabbage salesmen selling sweet corn, and they do not know how to price it, chaos in the market place results. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I could live with a lot less flattery and a lot more dollars. We are now beginning to explore creative destruction, and are actively researching other growing possibilities for our farming operation. We can grow almost any crop in the world in South Georgia. Now marketing it and selling it for a profit is an entirely different story. I have always believed that if the government ever made growing marijuana legal, South Georgia farmers would bust the system in one year, and you would not be able to give the stuff away.


OK, my pity party is over, and I am now cleansed. On the bright side, this has been one of the best weather seasons that I remember in years for our woods and food plots. I know that the Dog Days of summer have yet to arrive, but our hunting land has not stressed a single time this year due to a lack of water or from too much water. I am beginning to see coveys of chicks everywhere, and I am excited about our prospects for a great hunting season. Your presence this fall or winter will just be the icing on the cake.


For those of you who believe in the power of intercessory prayer, please say a little prayer for me tomorrow afternoon as I have to have an MRI to check out a shattered left elbow and a possible torn triceps muscle. I am terribly claustrophobic, and I’m going to need Jesus to get in this machine with me. I will spare you the details of how this happened, but I am constantly reminded of that line from the movie, Top Gun, when the ship commander tells Tom Cruise,” Son, your brain is writing checks that your body can’t cash.” I have a very difficult time viewing myself as a senior citizen. In my mind, I’m still in my late 30’s. Since I only see myself in the mirror after I get out of the shower and have no glasses on, I still look the same to me, sans hair. Every now and then, some of y’all will send me a photo of myself standing with you or your group. When I look at those photos with my glasses on, I often wonder who that older guy is who vaguely resembles me.


I always like to close my blogs with at least one humorous thought. Once again, I do not claim authorship of this line, but read it the other day on the Internet, and it tickled my funny bone enough to share.” I have come to the realization that I am never going to understand women. How can you take boiling hot wax, pour it onto your upper thigh, rip the hair out by the root, and yet still be afraid of a spider?” I hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer. If you need a few gnats, send me a container, and I will ship you a few billion for free.