Spring Is Almost Here

Well, we have only a few days left of the 2015-2016 hunting season. If you were to come by here next week, you would think that General Sherman had returned from the grave, and was burning Georgia to the ground again because we will begin a controlled woods burning program of at least half of our hunting courses starting this coming Monday. Speaking of old General Sherman, I am certain that he is quite warm where he is residing now ! For so many years the motto of the South was , “Forget,Hell No”. I changed my opinion on that years ago when I realized that Yankee money spends just as good as Southern dollars, and we have benefited very much from our Northern clientele’s generosity over the years.


The only thing that I detest about spring is that it is also tax season. I always dedicate this weekend to my personal tax preparation work. I really don’t know what my CPA is charging me for since they send me a tax organizer that requires me to do all of the work. I have a sneaking suspicion that once they have my work sheets, they just feed it into a computer and charge me out of the Wazoo. I prepared my own taxes until I was 27 and became president pf the company. Our CPA firm required an officer of the company to have his tax return prepared by the firm also. I now find myself receiving a tax return that is at least 75-100 pages long, and I do not understand it at all.


However, I do understand the front page that tells me how much I owe Uncle Sam. Now I’m one of those rare people who believes that because God has blessed me that I should pay more taxes than some folks. What I resent is what Washington is spending my hard earned money on, and who all they are giving it to. I contend that conservative folks like me are more charitable than liberal folks, and have read plenty of statistics verifying that fact. Conservatives give, but they prefer to give to the charities of their choice while liberals don’t want to give any of their money, but prefer to give my money to whomever they choose. It is kind of like socialism–it works until you give out of other people’s money!


Have you ever seen a list of the “pork projects” in Washington which is nothing more than a vote buying scheme with your taxes? I have, and it will turn your stomach. Why do I care to spend money to see how many times a shrimp has sex? Why do I want to give money to countries that would love nothing more than to see the USA destroyed? This country was founded upon the Judeo/Christian work ethic yet we have many people drawing money through fraud and gaming the system who have never contributed a dime to society.We also have many elderly and disabled folks who deserve to be supported by those of us who have been more fortunate.


I just think that we have the fox guarding the hen house in Washington when it comes to where my tax money is being spent. I have a great solution if anyone is interested. I think that votes should be proportioned with the amount of taxes paid. A man pays $100,000 in taxes gets 100,000 votes while the man who pays no taxes gets no votes. Someone with “skin in the game” is more likely to vote for people with intelligence as to how his money is to be spent. As it now stands, I feel like I am having taxation without representation. Didn’t we fight a war a long time ago over this issue?


OK, my rant for the day is over, and I feel better—not great but better.