South Georgia Weather

As we say down here,”If you don’t like the weather,just stick around because it will change”. We had our first freeze and a killing frost last Wednesday,Nov.13th. When Martha and I went to visit with our grandchildren on Saturday afternoon of the same week, I wore shorts and a T-shirt because it was 79 degrees. It had been getting dry here lately and someone mentioned in prayer meeting that we needed to pray for rain since most of our crops have been harvested. I politely declined as I told my friends that I made myself a promise never to pray for rain after our river floods of 1994 and 1998. I might remind the Lord that it’s getting a little dry, but I do not pray for rain. Well, someone must have because as Noah would say,”It come up a cloud this morning”, and the bottom dropped out of the sky. We received 1.6 inches of rain in less than two hours between 8:30-10:15 this morning.. They say that two things a man can want the most and catch up on the fastest are sex and rain. We just caught up on rain!