Wow, I can hardly believe it, but my calendar says that today is the first day of September! For all practical purposes, there is no difference in temperatures in south Georgia in the first two weeks of September and the temperatures we experience in the month of August. However, just the name of the month hints the promise of changes to come, and we do see our temperatures begin a decline by the middle of the month. Football season begins in September as well as some of our hunting seasons in Georgia.


I read a quote by someone named Robyn Davidson who said, ” The good Lord in his infinite wisdom gave us three things to make life bearable–hope, jokes, and dogs”. As always, I’m hoping that my Georgia Bulldogs will live up to expectations although they have a long history of failing to show up for at least a game or two.


As to jokes, we have plenty of them. They are either in Washington, or they are running for office to get there ! And I am still missing my beloved dog. I see her in my mind and heart every single day, and I even dream about my Sugar at least once a week. Without my dog, I’m going to have to get by for a while longer on just hope and jokes.


Speaking of jokes, I have,regretfully concluded, that I will never become a good pistol shot. I plan to go back to the gun store today and purchase many more rounds of 380 ammo. I’m determined to get good enough to place six shots in a pie plate from 15 paces. Until I achieve that goal, my best bet is to be attacked at close range by a very fat person.. The fact that I suffer from an inherited condition which makes my hands shake slightly all of the time does not help in the least as my sight wobbles around the pie plate like a leaf in the wind.


Oh well, I’ve always said that if the going gets easy, you may be headed downhill, and I’m not ready to start down that slope yet. On the bright side, I can still shoot a shotgun pretty darn good. While the bad guys may laugh at me, the birds had better not get too comfortable because it IS September!