Sector Rotation

In financial terms, I would define sector rotation in this manner,” Every stock that I have purchased has suddenly fallen out of favor while every stock that I have sold is suddenly on everyone’s buy list”. In terms of Martha and I , we define sector rotation as taking turns keeping one of our triplet grandchildren for three days at a time on a rotating basis. This week finishes up the final rotation with Nate being the third and last.


Poor Nate’s luck has his week as being the hottest week of the summer. Our temp/ humidity indexes have been 103-106 during his visit. Since his Papa is , shall we say”mature”, we have had to revise some of our planned activities. A lot of the things we planned to do, we were still able to do, and we have substituted swimming pool time for the others. Of course the swimming pool water currently feels like a hot tub.


Meanwhile the only happy employees on Riverview this week are the ones on tractors since all of our tractors are air conditioned. As I was riding around on the Polaris with Nate yesterday, he asked me,” Papa, where is everyone”? Having years of experience as an employer in South Georgia, I told him that we would find all of the men where ever the most shade was. Since I know all of those spots, we soon located everyone, and I could not blame them a bit.


If there is a slow time at Riverview , it is from early July until the end of August. All of the sweet corn has been harvested, all of the feed patches are planted, and we basically get down to maintenance, and praying for rain. We could use a good rain at the moment even though we know any storms we get with this kind of heat will be violent.


And speaking of praying,let’s all pray for the United States. I was watching the news this morning of the ambush and deaths of the police officers in Dallas. Folks we have enough problems with ISIS and Muslim terrorists. We sure as heck do not need to turn on one another in this country. We need to be united as never before !


Well, I need to close for now as I’m certain that I am about to get a text informing me that my buddy is up and ready to spend his last morning with his Papa.