Well, I never thought I would say it, but this retirement gig isn’t so bad. I get free meals now and then, and every so often I get to visit with some of y’all. However, I do keep up with what is going on at Riverview.


We are now over the halfway mark of the hunting season. The first half of the season has been a good one, but the birds are still winning the battle over the hunters from what I can see on our stat sheets. There is still time in this last half of the season for you to visit and flip the charts. According to Cader IV and Jerry, the hunting has been excellent and challenging (see comment about birds winning).


I am now writing my memoirs for my children to help them understand what my life was like in rural Georgia during the 50s and early 60s. Once I finish that, I plan to write a history of Riverview. There are some funny stories that I can now tell since the statute of limitations has expired and the characters are deceased. However, I will still not use any last names in these stories to protect the guilty.


As is my custom in closing, please allow me to share some thoughts that have come to mind as I cogitate on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness:

  1. I am too old to live under socialism. I’m addicted to luxuries like toilet paper, electricity, and food!
  2. WOKE is a state of awareness only achieved by those dumb enough to find injustice in everything except their own behavior.
  3. Thomas Jefferson once said, “I prefer freedom over peaceful slavery.” Uncle Sam is trying to subjugate our rights and freedoms at an alarming rate.
  4. Why is it that when archeologists find human remains, they always determine that they are either male or female and none of the other hundreds of genders?
  5. And finally, the men who wrote the 2nd amendment hadn’t just finished a hunting trip. THEY HAD JUST LIBERATED A NATION!!


That’s all for now, but I will return. May God bless America and you and your families!