mid-October through March

Take a drive and get some fresh air in the woods at Riverview Plantation. We are now offering day hunt rate packages. Book early as spots are limited.

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Reservations canceled less than three weeks prior to the date of your reservations will be billed at $790 per person per day unless COVID related. In such instances, guests may move reservations to another date if days are available.
A $395 per person day deposit is required when the day hunt is reserved. Refunds due to COVID are allowed or guests can reschedule to another available date.
Hunting clothes are appropriate for breakfast and lunch, and sports coats are required for dinner.
For your convenience, our pro shop offers a complete selection of light and heavy hunting clothing and accessories. We are happy to take early orders for items you want upon arrival, or we can assist you in making selections after you arrive. We also offer all gauges of shotgun shells with loads best suited for quail hunting and practice trap.
Weather varies during our hunting season. Early in the season you may be comfortable in light hunting trousers, a cotton shirt and a shooting vest. From mid-December through March, temperatures usually dip to 40 degrees at night and reach the high 60s or low 70s during the day. However, four or five Canadian fronts sweep into South Georgia each year, driving the mercury down to 20 degrees at night and holding it to 30 or 40 degrees during the day. The fronts seldom last more than two or three days. We recommend layering clothing, especially during January and February, so that you can add or take off garments as comfort requires.
Your birds are dressed, vacuum-packed and quick-frozen after each hunt. Just before your departure, the containers are packaged in insulated bags to keep the birds frozen for up to 24 hours.
Our professional guides make every effort to tailor your hunting experience to your preferences. Our guides are happy to offer hunting and shooting tips because they are all experienced quail hunters. Also, let your guide know if you prefer to walk or ride during your hunt.
Yes, please contact us at 229-294-4904 to purchase a gift certificate. We will send a gift certificate to the recipient with instructions on making reservations.

day HUNT

2019-2020 Season
October 14 – March 19

Full day’s hunting with privilege to bag 12 quail, including guide, specially equipped jeeps and dogs. Breakfast and Lunch Included.

Total Base Rate: $790


Additional Services

  • Rented Shotguns: $20/per day
  • Extra Birds Shot: $9.35/per bird
  • Skinned & Packaged Birds: $0.95/each
  • Insulated packing cartons: $22/each
  • Practice trap/skeet per round (25): $10
  • Shotgun shells (per box):
    410s $16.50
    28s $12.75
    20s and 12s $9.90
  • Non-Resident Preserve License: $15

Limousine Services

Albany, Georgia
Car $200 | Van $250
Tallahassee, Florida
Car $235 | Van $300
(Total for arrival and departure round trip per vehicle)