As I was reading my newspaper this morning, the following headline caught my attention,” President Obama comes down to Georgia Tech”. Now seeing as how I am no fan of either President Obama or Georgia Tech, the headline sounded eerily similar to the title of the old Charlie Daniels song, ” The Devil Came Down To Georgia”. As far as I’m concerned, Obama and Tech deserve one another! ‘Nuff said?


We have the rest of this week and all of next week remaining in what has been an outstanding hunting season both in terms of quality and quantity of guests. One of my young guides approached me yesterday and asked me if I was looking forward to the season ending. I looked at him and responded, “Son, the day that I do not look forward to a hunting season beginning is the day that I will retire, and the day that I do not look forward to it ending is the day that I will have myself committed to a mental institution”.


I will write more when I have something worthwhile to say.