Rebel Takes Over My Blog!

I have been a voracious reader all of my life. One of my favorite writers was Corey Ford who wrote an article in one of the monthly outdoor magazines called “The Lower 40” many years ago. Every now and then, he would let his dog write his article, and today I am following suit.


Good morning, this is Rebel, and I have taken control of my master’s blog. I want everyone to know that I am no longer a puppy. Today I am a dog and am about to become a father. How sweet it is! I thought that my master and Uncle Jerry was never going to find me a mate.


I will have to say that the first time I saw my mate, I was intimidated. The hussy was just throwing it in my face, and I was intimidated and went home with my tail between my legs. But the next day was Nirvana, and I caught on. As coach Kirby Smart would say, “I finished the drill” on the second day and the following days. When my master came home after the second day, I was sitting in my crate smoking a cigar and grinning like a mule eating briars!


OK, Rebel has had his say, and now I am resuming control of this blog. I have a question. Which one of my Yankee friends forgot to close the back door, and let your frigid air sink south? Brrrr, we are going to see wind chills in the teens this weekend, and our highs will struggle to reach the low 40’s. We Southerners don’t have enough antifreeze in our blood to withstand these temps. Hunting season continues to go really well, but I will not be envious of our guests getting on those convertible jeeps this weekend.


Now to close with just a few random thoughts:

  1. Whenever you feel stupid, just remember that someone voted for Elizabeth Warren.
  2. Maybe if we tell people that the brain is an app, they will start using it.
  3. You know that you might be a redneck if someone in your family died right after saying, “hey guys, hold the wheel and watch this.”
  4. And now my personal favorite: One for the road now means peeing before you leave the house.


These are turbulent times for our nation. Please join me in praying for our nation, our leaders, and our men and women in the military!