Random Thoughts from a Mature Mind

Well, our weather man called for 3-6 inches of rain yesterday while we received just a shade less than one-tenth of an inch. These folks predict the weather about as good as I predict the stock market. In actuality, the light drizzle worked in our favor since we have just finished planting all of our winter rye grass on the lodge grounds. A deluge would have just washed the seed up into piles, and we would have been forced to replant. Additionally, all of our fertilizer would have leached out, and we would have needed to re-fertilize all of the property. The aforementioned weatherman is also calling for lows in the 50’s this weekend; so I think that I will make certain to have my shorts and T-shirts ready for a heat wave.


This is the time of the year that the gnats start declining in favor of the love bugs. I think that I like love bugs better. As I was sitting on the patio overlooking the beautiful Flint River yesterday, I noticed something interesting. There was an old lady on the other side of the river who was throwing her bait as far out in the river as she could cast. Meanwhile there was a man fishing from a boat in the middle of the river who was casting his plug as close to the shore as he could possibly get it. Don’t you think that is as good of a definition of “the grass always being greener on the other side” as one can observe.


It kind of reminds me of the banking industry. I once thought that that bankers had such an easy life. They worked from 9:00-5:00 just raking in money, and having a good time. How I wished that I could be a banker, and not have to work so hard for a living! Well, my wish came true in 1994 at least from a bank director’s stand point. Having just served 20 years in that capacity, I have decided that my day job is much better than a career in banking.


My Dad got in this business in 1957 after attending a seminar on how to make money and have fun in the hunting business. I have been attending those same seminars for years. I’m waiting on one that is titled” how to get out of the hunting business once you are in it”. Since I never found that seminar, I did the next best thing. I stuck Cader IV with the headaches, and am enjoying being an adviser and grandparent.


I’m going to jump back to my patio for a final rambling thought. As Martha and I were sitting out on the patio, I watched about 12 turkeys amble through the yard. I was actually watching for our little albino deer that is living somewhere in my back yard when the turkeys strolled through. As I was reflecting on this beautiful creation of God’s, Martha casually asked me which vacation I had enjoyed the most this summer. Now I have not stayed married for 44 years to the same woman by being stupid, but I do sometimes speak before placing my brain in gear. I said,”Honey, I am enjoying this time on the patio more than any vacation destination we had this year because I have not had to visit the first cathedral or museum.” And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the fight started!