Yesterday evening around sunset, Martha and I were sitting outside watching the sun go down on our beautiful Flint River. I had my beloved Lab curled up at my feet,and was letting what little mind I have left just drift along. I had just detected the first scent of autumn in the air even though it is still hot in south Georgia. This was more of a smell than a temperature thing, but I know that fall is right around the corner. As I sat staring at the river, I noticed an old lady fishing on the bank on the opposite side of the river. She was casting her line just as far out in the river as she could throw it. At about the same time,a bass boat eased along the same bank with two men in it running a little trolling motor. Those two guys were throwing their plugs just as close to the bank as possible without getting their lures hung on the stumps and rocks. I thought to myself,”if that isn’t a classic definition of the grass always being greener on the other side,I don’t know what is”.


At any rate,neither party was catching any fish which made me feel better because I was feeling pretty guilty about being too lazy to put my boat in the water yesterday. It is so pretty down here in South Georgia right now that it almost doesn’t seem fair to be allowed to live here and still get to heaven.


As I was writing this blog, I just received word that we have finally managed to receive another 200 cases of shotgun shells.Y’all can keep your gold bullion. I think that shotgun shells may be a more precious commodity to hoard. I still believe that shotgun shells are short because the ammunition makers refuse to stop making rifle and pistol bullets due to fear and demand for bullets from the buying public.


I am sure that you are all aware of another mass shooting at the Naval Shipyard near the Capitol yesterday. Once again we will hear the hue and cry for gun control,but you will hear nothing about a cry for reform to the mental health or the judicial systems that enables these tragic events to occur.A good friend of mine sent me another example of our country’s wrong headed philosophy on guns when he said,” Participating in a gun buy back program because you think that the criminals have too many guns is like having yourself castrated because you think your neighbors are having too may kids”.


Oh well, I am glad that I live in a part of the world where the seasons change. The change rejuvenates and excites me. I’m ready for the fall and quail hunting season!