Rambling Thoughts

There is an old country music song that has a line I love which goes, ” Life’s a dance you learn as you go. Sometimes you lead, and sometimes you follow”. I’ve always believed that we should never stop trying to learn. However, I have discovered as I get older, that I find myself following more often than leading. In this age of rapid technology advances I find that I have difficulty keeping up . As one of my friends so aptly stated,” Cader, you are slowly coming into the 21st century about 16 years after the 20th century ended”.


Some of the things I have learned in no particular order are: First, I was wrong to resist the switch to using these little English Cocker dogs for flushing and retrieving birds here. This has been a true game changer here. It has improved both the safety and quality of the hunts at Riverview.


I’ve learned that I only have to be away from Riverview for a couple of days to realize how beautiful these big piney woods, and moss draped oak trees are. I love to hear the sound of the wind blowing through the tops of the big pines.


I’ve learned that it is much easier to run an organization than watch one’s son do it. However, I had a great role model in my father who would offer me advice, but never tried to snatch the baton back after it had been passed. I believe that I’m doing the same thing, but Pop never told me how hard that would be.


I’ve learned that there are truly no friends like old friends. While I have been blessed to have the best friends in the world, those with long histories seem to be the ones that both know and love you, warts and all.


I have learned that no matter how lousy my day has been or what my problems are, a smile, a kiss, and an “I love you,Papa” from one of my grandchildren make the problems fade away.


And finally, this is not something that I have learned, but it is something that I have always known—Our guests are all successful people, and successful people are the easiest people in the world to deal with. I would not trade our guests for any group anywhere.


Have a great 2016 everyone!