Rambling Thoughts

I am really struggling to figure out this millennial generation, and I know at some time, I’m going to have to figure them out, especially the guys. I kind of wonder they might be ingesting too many female hormones in the water supply. When I was on the Georgia DNR board, we had a study presented showing that there was a measureable parts per billion of female hormones in the Flint River down here rather than the polluted one in Michigan. I think we may be flushing too much into our water supply.  Plus, so many of them look like they might be the byproduct of an encounter of a drunken sailor with a parrot based on looks and hair colors.


However, I was greatly encouraged to read the following statement, “I don’t know what is to become of the next generation. They have no work ethic, backbone, or desire to work hard to secure their futures.” That was interpreted from some Egyptian hieroglyphics that was written over 6,000 years ago. I believe the tendency is for every older generation to think that the next generation is going to “hell in a hand basket”. There is hope, and we always have prayer. I am certain that I did not grow up as hard as my father did, and my son did not have it as tough as I did. But, I did make it my business to teach him the value of hard and disgusting work at an early age. His first job was cleaning the kennels, which is an aromatic pleasure.


Now, I want to close with a few random thoughts about money. One of my most beloved mentors told me many years ago that after you have enough money to have the freedom of doing anything you wanted to do, from that point on, money was just a way to keep score. I had to get a lot older to recognize the truth in his words. An old golfer once said that his estate plan was to die on the same day that he ran out of money. He then added that his plan was going to work out just fine as long as he died by next Tuesday at lunch. I don’t want to cut it quite that close.


My thought is that you do not want to outlive your savings, but neither do you want to be the richest man in the cemetery. I have always heard that money can’t buy happiness, but it sure does cause your children to stay in closer contact with you. That’s all for today folks.