Rambling Thoughts

It’s ┬ástrange phenomenon in this business, but random events far away can affect our business down here in south Georgia. I’ve been watching the events of the blizzard in the northeast unfold.The Christian in me should be worried about the poor folks who may be cold, out of power, and hungry. However, the businessman in me keeps wondering,” Do I have any jets up that way that should be flying to south Georgia for a hunting trip that might be stuck on the tarmac”. It’s the same thing with oil prices. All of my farmer neighbors are rejoicing over cheap gas and diesel while I fret over oil prices dropping lower, and some of my best customers deciding to forego hunting at Riverview. The folks in the oil patch do enjoy their quail hunting. At one time the coal folks did also, but this current administration has almost put them out of business.


Speaking of administrations and politicians, I was reading this morning where one regulator was defending Fannie and Freddie’s 3% down payment on mortgages. One of my dad’s favorite quotes was”those who fail to learn the lessons from history are doomed to repeat them”.These folks have short memories and small to non-existent brains. I have said many times that I want to be the person that my dog thinks I am. I can now add that I wish my politicians and government officials were able to learn things and remember them as well as my dog does. I have never owned a dog that forgot his training lessons as fast as a politician does.


We are having great weather, and a great week of hunting here. For those of you who are covered up in that white stuff that we have heard called”snow”, come on down to enjoy some green grass, big piney woods, and some great quail hunting at Riverview over the next seven weeks. I can guarantee you that our dogs are smarter than your politicians!