Rainy Weather

Since my home and most of our cottages overlook the beautiful Flint River, I am always keenly aware of the rainfall and how that affects our river. During the floods of 1994 and 1998, the river rose as much as 52 vertical feet and covered all of our facilities with the exception of my home, and it got way too close for comfort there. After the flood of ’98 I promised myself that I would never pray for rain again. I am reminded of what my Dad always said about farming, ” Son, dry weather will scare you, but wet weather will kill you”.


Well, I have not broken that promise. However, I made one small mistake a little over a week ago. While saying my prayers, I casually reminded God that it was getting fairly dry at Riverview, and I was worried about the stress on all of our pine timber since we had just finished with our controlled burning. BIG MISTAKE ! It commenced to rain the following day, and rained either a little or a lot for seven straight days.


Now, we are in no danger of river flooding because our soil moisture was very deficit, and the river was quite low for the spring of the year. However, we are way behind on planting our sweet corn as it is wet enough to bog a buzzard’s shadow at the moment. There are only so many “wet weather” jobs for 26 employees to do while waiting to get back into the fields and woods. Our employees have evidently learned the most important task that they can perform right now which is hide from the boss. I’m about to take a heat seeking device out and go hunt for body signatures on Riverview.


On the bright side( no pun intended), the sun is shining today, praise the Lord!