Rainy Days

Even though I do not have the stamina to work the hours I once worked while running Riverview, I sometimes miss not being THE MAN anymore as that mantle passed to Cader IV at least three years ago. However, rainy days are NOT one of those times that I miss being in charge.


It’s always been fascinating to watch the progression of our guests attitudes on a rainy day. It always begins with “No one can control the weather, and we completely understand it.” After about three hours of rain it changes to “When in the heck is it going to stop raining.” Then it finally progresses to that dreaded third and final phase when they would look at me and say “What in the hell are you going to do about this expletive deleted rain?”


Believe me, no one wants it to cease raining any more than we do as we are running a hunting operation rather than a motel and restaurant business. There are many tricks that I have learned over the years, but I have never learned how to control Mother Nature, or Father Time either. Sometimes you just have to hunker down like a jackass in a hail storm, which is what we are doing today, and praying for a break in the rain after lunch.


Speaking of Father Time, I don’t mean to brag, but I just went into another room and actually remembered why I went there. It was the bathroom, but still – – -. As Martha said, we are almost ready to start hiding our own Easter eggs. I can almost assure you that we will find some Christmas presents in July that we hid somewhere and forgot about them. I can remember when I had to smack the TV to make the channel come in clearly. I now find myself feeling that way about way too many people, especially those that inhabit the Washington Beltway.


I hope all of you have a great weekend! As far me, I will be hunkered down in my office, and letting Cader IV deal with stage three of guests on a rainy day. Sometimes being over the hill ain’t all that bad!