I think that we all know where the word “politics” is derived from. It’s a combination of the word “poly” meaning many, and “tics” meaning blood sucking leeches. I have found it interesting to also learn that a gathering of baboons is called a ” Congress”. Do you see a pattern developing here?


But, what I do not know is what a “Caucus” is, and why the state of Iowa is so all fired important. To me the word “caucus” invokes the sound of a bunch of crows which we all know to be scavengers and the bane of the bird world. In my youth, I loved to hunt crows. I would always try to cripple the first bird, and then shoot the others as they responded to the wounded bird’s cries. I lived in a pecan orchard, and the crows were eating us out of our hard earned money, much like today’s politicians.


That got me to thinking that maybe I should fly out to Iowa, and just try to cripple one of the scavengers vying for the job as president. Just in case NSA is reading this blog, I’m just teasing. Speaking of Iowa, I read that 43% of the citizens of Iowa identified themselves as socialists. Surely this can’be ! We are talking about the corn growing heartland of America. I mean we are talking about God, apple pie, hard working farmers, and the American Way here.


If we have to have another form of government, I’m about ready to switch to a benevolent dictatorship. I don’t want to be the dictator, but I do want to be his best friend. However, I would much prefer to see our country return to our roots of what made us the greatest nation on earth !


OK, in my next blog, I will return to some subject that I may know something about since political science is obviously not my field of expertise.