People Are Interesting

I’m certain that it would be a boring world if God made all of us just alike. I understand and appreciate that fact. However, it has always amazed me how people can spend a day together, and see things so completely differently,especially between guides and their hunting guests. I always ask my guests how their hunt went, and then go to the guide room to ask the guides the same question.


On so many occasions, the exchange goes something like this: Guest, ” We killed almost every bird we saw. We just did not see all that many birds this morning”. Interestingly these comments most often occur with guests who do not kill many quail. Guide comments on the same party.” Boss, we were in birds all morning. These are very nice folks , but they could not hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle”.


Now obviously as the man in the middle, I know that someone is not telling the truth. Our guides are trained to lie, and could all pass a lie detector test while never telling the truth. Also, it’s a known fact that all hunters will lie, including me. I find it almost impossible to admit that I missed a bird without some very rational alibi. I have decided that we need to add one more training function to our English Cockers. We are going to need to teach them to talk! That may be the only way for me to get to the truth.


I would expect that conversation to go something like this; Cocker,” I can’t rat out my master since he loves me and feeds me, but he did hunt the course a bit backwards from what I would have done. He should know that we always find a big covey on the edge of the Flats field, and we didn’t even go there. However, my pointer mates nailed a pile of covies this morning, and the guests made some good shots here and there. We would have found more covies if these hunters didn’t just insist that I keep looking for dead birds that even a blind dog could see was not even slightly shot.Humans can be so stubborn sometimes, but I have to play along with them”.