Our Hunting Season Has Ended

We closed out the hunting season officially on Saturday. By my primary definition of a successful hunting season, it was a screaming success because it was a SAFE season. We bounced back strongly from our pandemic year. Reservations were up 63% over last year, and we are so very grateful to our guests who rewarded us with their loyalty! I am so proud of the job that Cader IV, Jerry, and the Riverview gang have done.


Now we are turning our attention to our spring and summer operations. We are cutting our firebreaks now and will be doing our controlled burning shortly. We have passed the income-producing mantle to Greg as he prepares for blueberry, blackberry, and orange crops.


As is my custom, I wanted to share with you a few thoughts:

  1. I ordered some Prevagen for my memory, but I can’t remember where I put the bottles.
  2. I’m old enough to remember when mentally ill people were put in hospitals rather than in Congress.
  3. Any gun in the hands of a decent person is no threat to anybody except bad people.
  4. How about you forget this Build Back Better thing, and instead put it back the way you found it and leave me the hell alone!


Please join me in prayer for our nation and the citizens of Ukraine! May God bless y’all, and I wish each of you a very pleasant spring.