Our First Freeze of the Hunting Season

This has been a spectacular fall in south Georgia. We opened our quail hunting season on Oct. 17th, and have not had the first unseasonably warm day yet. As a matter of fact, we hunted many days in January of last season that were warmer than any days we have hunted in this October and November of this season. The weather man who predicts the weather like I do the stock market is now saying that we will have our first freeze of the fall on Wednesday morning,Nov.13th. Bring it on as we are ready for it ! The dogs and guides will love it as will my wife who can quit complaining about when she is going to be able to use the clothes that she has moved to her closet in preparation of colder weather.


As we start our fourth week of hunting season, I am still trying to play myself into shape for the longer hours we spend here. I can honestly say that I totally take back all of the times that I didn’t want to take a nap when I was younger. I am struggling to remember the last time that I wasn’t at least kind of tired.


Business is good this fall as we are seeing more hunters than last fall, and the hunting is great ! With apologies to the fine folks who have already visited this fall, the hunting is great,but the shooting could use some improvement. If I were giving odds, I would say that the quail are winning over the hunters in the first three weeks. Every now and then, I am fairly certain that I can hear quail giggling in the woods as I ride around the Plantation.


Oh well, I need to get back to the old salt mines now.