Of Dogs and Men

I am a voracious reader, and often read quotes that I say to myself,” I could have said that”. With the exception of Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill, I very rarely read quotes from politicians that I wish that I had thought of. However, yesterday while starting on a book of short stories about gun dogs, I read the following quote from Woodrow Wilson, ” If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience”. And, in spite of what my adult children might think, I do not remember Woodrow Wilson.


I could not help but think of this quotes as I have been giving my beloved 13 year old Lab two pills daily for a skin infection. I began y placing the pill on a cracker and sticking it in a little peanut butter. This ruse worked for all of two days before Sugar ate the cracker and peanut butter while spitting out the bitter pill. Because of that, I had to revert to the old fashioned method of opening her mouth,sticking the pill down the back of her throat, and then closing her muzzle until she swallows. To accomplish this task, my hand is about half way down her throat before I can let go of the pill. On either side of my hand are huge canine teeth that I have personally seen snap an armadillo so hard that its intestines squirted out of its rear end. My sweet lab just looks at me with those trusting eyes thinking,” Boss, I do not know why you are intent on choking me to death twice a day, but I love and trust you to do the right thing”. I sure would never want to disappoint my dog.


As I have mentioned to several folks, I enjoy writing when the mood strikes me, and have no idea how many folks log in to read my occasional ramblings. I told Cader IV that I was going to post this offer just to see if anyone responds. We are just about sold out for the entire season with the exception of some March dates still available. Yesterday we had a big group that had to cancel Feb. 16-17 due to an unexpected business development. That date is less than a month from now. If anyone is interested in reserving that date, we will price it the same way we do our holiday rates which is 35% off of the base rate. That amounts to a $369.25 per person per day discount. If interested, just give the office a call at 229-294-4904, and ask for Cader IV.