My heart aches

There is an old song titled, “Walk a mile in my shoes”. Well, I have walked that mile, and my heart really aches for the victims of Hurricane Ida in Louisiana, Mississippi, and now the Northeast. It’s hard to yell, “drain the swamp” when you are up to your ass in alligators, literally and figuratively.


At Riverview Plantation, we experienced catastrophic flooding of Biblical proportions in both 1994 and 1998. In 2018, Hurricane Michael flattened us with 130mph winds destroying $2,000,000 of timber and ruining a lot of our hunting courses. In each event, the case for recovery was overwhelming. But, thanks to the grace of God, and true grit, we persevered and recovered. AND, YOU WILL TOO!


Sometimes you just have to hunker down like a Jackass in a hailstorm and persevere. As my saintly mother always quoted from one of her favorite poems, “Ain’t no use to sit and whine when the fish ain’t on your line. Just bait yo’ hook and keep a tryn’. Keep a goin’!”


Our prayers and donations are with you!!