Mother Nature and the Time Change

We all know the old commercial a few years ago that had a punch line stating that it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. Well, I do not know what kind of retribution she will inflict upon us at Riverview, but we certainly fooled her this year. We have noticed for years that the coldest week of the spring always seemed to be the week right AFTER we had shut down our hunting operations for the season. While the state law allows us to stay open until March 31st, we never run that long. Our decision to close earlier than that is mostly based on our desire to get all of our woods burned before all of the vegetation turns too green to get a good burn. Last season, we closed on Saturday, March 12th.


This season we decided to run an extra week because we had so much demand for dates and so few spots to offer folks. Well, guess what? I think this week might just be our coldest week of the entire season. We are going to experience wind chills in the 20’s and below freezing actual air temperatures for most of the week. I believe that I saw where it might warm up to 71 degrees on Friday. Now any of you who hunted with us in January or February of this season might have experienced hunting weather that was in the low 80’s which is just unheard of in this part of the world for those months. I think that we can kiss our plum, pear, and other fruit trees good-bye for this year as they are all blooming. My yard which has acres of Azaleas are all in full bloom. There will be no Easter photos of the Cox family standing in front of pretty Azaleas this year. However, I really should not complain at all about our weather after watching the news of the blizzard in the Northeast on television early this morning.


Now, briefly on to my other subject of this blog, and that is this asinine time change business. I realize that we have a dysfunctional and divided bunch of folks in Washington, but I think that this should be one bill that the Democrats and Republicans could agree on. Pick a time, and stay on it !! I was reading some alarming statistics concerning the first Monday after the “spring forward” time change. There will be 31% more heart attacks today, many more wrecks, and a lot of sleepy school children who learn nothing during the first week of adjusting to this idiotic law. I also read that the time change has been proven to cost more money than the theoretical savings that it was intended to create.


So, just who does benefit from the time change? Let me state for the record that it doesn’t bother me. I never need an alarm clock to wake up. I’m just waking up at 5:00 am now rather than 4:00 am. I’ve always thought that some aspiring country music singer should write a song titled,” Going to bed on old time and waking up on new time”. As best I can surmise, the only folks who really enjoy this Daylight Savings time are those folks who spend a lot of time chasing a little white ball around with a club trying to knock the ball in a hole.


In the old days, men with clubs beat on the ground and screamed at the sky. They were called Cro- Magnon Man. Today we call them golfers. I tried the sport for a brief period of time in college, but quickly gave it up after looking up the definition of recreation which should provide some degree of relaxation. All that golfing ever did for me was raise my blood pressure.


Stay warm everyone, and have a great day. Try not to yawn too much!