Lodge Grounds Clean-Up

The crops are all harvested except for our late season milo that we plant behind our spring sweet corn crops.Most all of our hunting course preparation work is complete with the exception of woods road maintenance and mowing our jeep trails through the woods. While Ronnie was mowing jeep trails yesterday on the Yates place, he bumped into one of the largest hornet nests that I have seen in years. He was a happy camper to be in a tractor with a cab because he took some photos with his IPhone of the swarm of hornets surrounding his tractor. We are making plans to get rid of those bad boys before the Federal government tries to add them to the endangered species list along with the eastern diamondback rattler. Somehow, I do not think that many of our guests could outrun a bunch of angry hornets.


While Ronnie was lucky to be in a cab tractor, the same cannot be said for Jarvis. Most of our crew have moved to the lodge grounds for our fall clean up. Jarvis was weed eating along the edge of the lodge lake when he ran his weed eater over a ground nest of yellow jackets. I had no idea that Jarvis was that fast. I happened to be  watching him as he broke the world record for the 100 yard dash. I have never seen yellow jackets give up so quickly. The only small problem has been convincing Jarvis to retrieve his weed eater. At my last check,it was still right there on the ground by the nest. However, we will take care of those insects also.


We have pruned,mowed, and planted all of our winter grass around the cottages. In another week, it will really look like quail hunting season here. that’s a good thing because it is just around the corner with our first guests arriving on Oct.17th.


While I realize that the NSA will read my blog, I just have to close by expressing my disgust with our dysfunctional government in Washington. Whatever happened to compromise and statesmanship? Wouldn’t Mark Twain and Will Rogers have a good time lampooning these clowns we have in Washington today! I would like to criticize them more vocally myself,but I am not overly anxious to incur an IRS audit.