January Weather – Brrr!

I realize that many things are opened by mistake, but none so frequently as the mouth. With that caveat stated, I just can’t help myself, and am going to say it anyway. How in the world do you folks who live north of the Smith & Wesson line survive the kind of temperatures and weather that I am seeing on my weather map? Also, at least one of y’all must have left the back door open because these frigid temps are headed our way, aided by a brisk wind out of the northwest.


Now I will freely admit to normally being a bit envious of my guests as they climb on those jeeps to head out to enjoy a great day of quail hunting in the big piney woods of south Georgia. However, it is not going to bother me one bit to see them head out over the next couple of days while I adjourn to my heated office. The dogs and birds do not seem to mind this cold weather, but old, bald-headed senior citizens of south Georgia could live without wind chills in the low teens. Considering what some of you are enduring, I know that I sound like a wimp, and I guess that I am.


I received a phone call last night from Michael Gaines. Michael’s father, Thomas Gaines, retired last season after spending his entire career here as our top guide. Michael and his family are planning a retirement party for Tommy sometimes this spring. He asked me to post that anyone who had ever hunted with his Dad would be welcome to send a congratulatory letter to Tommy on his stellar career at Riverview. If you would like to do that, just mail the letter to me, and I will get them to Michael before the event.


In the meantime, stay warm, and I wish everyone a healthy, prosperous New Year !