It’s Hot in South Georgia

Since we are primarily a fall and winter resort, our guests often ask us why we do not open up our beautiful facilities during the spring and summer months. I can certainly understand their feelings as they watch the beautiful Flint River roll by while enjoy a crisp autumn or cold winter day. I always reply,” Folks, you really have to be a native to endure the summer months here”. The heat, humidity, and gnats are real killers!


I have an evangelist buddy, Thomas, whom I love to death. One of his favorite lines is, ” I try to preach heaven sweet and hell hot”. Well, Thomas, my young friend, if hell is any hotter than South Georgia is today, I’m going to be a REAL good boy! I could not bear the thought of being this miserable for eternity.


Cader IV and I just got back from the sweet corn field. Those folks started hand picking sweet corn at 5:45 this morning, and they will probably be finished with that planting by 3:30 today. They are some very tough human beings, and I admire the heck out of their stamina and perseverance. I have attached a photo of our weatherman’s hand as he was pointing to the predicted temperatures for today during the 5:30 am news this morning. He got it correct this time ! Our property lies between Camilla and Bainbridge if you need a better idea of what life is like here today.


I’m going to sign off for now and work on my behavior so that I never have to worry about visiting hell since I’ve come close enough for comfort today.