I wonder

I wonder what you folks in the Northeast did to make Al Gore so mad since you are still getting blizzards and snowstorms. Down here in the South, winter has only visited us occasionally this season. Since I refuse to give Al Gore credit for being correct about anything other than how to get rich by scaring naive people to death, I choose to adopt our liberal media’s philosophy. Therefore I have determined that Donald Trump obviously stole our winter since he has been blamed for everything else. Since President Trump has stolen it for so long, I would just as soon he keep it now.


My Dad always said that weather extremes evened out. I have a terrible fear that we are going to experience a hard freeze in late March or early April. If that happens, we can kiss all of our fruit trees good-bye in our region. We might also be at risk of losing our early sweet corn plantings unless we are able to keep our center pivots running constantly with the warmer ground water preventing the tender corn plants from receiving frost.


This has been one of those hunting seasons where our English Cockers have paid for themselves in spades. I would shudder to think how many shot birds would have never been found without these little jewels in action. They not only smell a downed bird, but they also sight mark them, and rarely ever lose a bird even if the scenting conditions are not ideal.


I really don’t have a lot on my mind today; so I thought that I would share a few interesting facts that I have either read or thought of myself, and found them funny and appropriate. I have noticed that it is much easier to avoid temptation as I get older. As a matter of fact, I think that temptation has taken to avoiding me now.


I read where a Mr. David Brenner said,” Misers aren’t fun to live with, but they make wonderful ancestors”. Pop was definitely not a miser; so I missed that boat. I also wanted to remind everyone that Daylight Savings time is fast approaching. That means you get to set your scales back ten pounds.


My final observation is not my original idea as I stole it from an email packed with humorous observations. This quote stated,” The fact that there’s a highway to hell and only a stairway to heaven says a lot about the anticipated traffic numbers on those two paths”. Humnn, good food for thought!