Hurricane Irma Prep

Hurricane Irma has slowly shifted to the west. If it stays on this tract, we are anticipating 4-6 inches of rain and up to 80 mph winds. We do not anticipate any river flooding as this is a fast moving storm. However, we absolutely expect to lose power; so if anyone were to try to call us during the first few days of next week and get no answer, have no fear. We will still be here, but our phone system is a PBX which operates on electricity. Should you need to contact someone about a reservation or a date change, try emailing Cader IV on his cell phone. His email address is: [email protected]. However, Cader IV may lose cell phone service also. We just are not sure at this stage of the game.


Currently, we are going around all of our cottages and homes, and are cutting down any trees that might fall on any structures. We have also located a generator in Dothan, Alabama that can keep our walk-in freezers at the main lodge running. We are moving all of our vehicles, tractors, and heavy equipment out to what we call “the airstrip” as there are no trees anywhere near this large open area.


As always, our primary concern is human life. I absolutely recognize that our neighbors in Florida are going to suffer much worse damage than we will. I also have seen some of the utter devastation to some of the islands that this monster hurricane has already passed over. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all in the path of this hurricane. We plan to have all of our employees hunker down in their homes on Monday until this thing blows on north of us.