First Dove Hunt of the Fall

We have a tradition here at Riverview of having a dove hunt for all of our guides during Georgia’s first of three doves seasons. The first season always is a short one,opening on Labor Day weekend and only lasting a couple of weeks. As you might imagine, it is generally hot in south Georgia at that time.Well, I participated in that hunt yesterday, and I fear that I am becoming my father.


I can remember being amazed to hear my Dad tell me that he wasn’t sure that he wanted to hunt badly enough to suffer a heat stroke, and he would often pass on the first season. This is another one of those cases where I should have listened to my father. I had enough sense to leave my sweet,old Lab in her pen because I figured the heat would be too much for her. I conveniently forgot that I am almost 64, and had to run around in the 92 degree heat and high humidity picking up my own birds.Phew, I’m glad that I did not take but two boxes of shells with me,or I might have been stupid enough to stay out there !


Speaking of shotgun shells, I have never seen shotgun shells as difficult to purchase as they have been this summer and fall. I have heard a lot of rumors as to why, but the fact of the matter is we can’t get a definite commitment from any of the major ammunition companies as to when they are going to cease making bullets and start producing shotgun shells. We are scurrying around buying 40- 50 cases here and there at retail just to make certain that we have a decent supply on hand for the start of the quail hunting season. We placed our wholesale order in late March, but the delivery date keeps getting postponed for one unbelievable tale or another.


I have about decided to retire and live off of my life savings. What I will do on the second day, I haven’t got a clue yet!