Fall Season

I believe that I saw on our local weather station that South Georgia has gone 76 straight days during which our low temperatures at night have not fallen below the low 70’s. Sometimes the seasons and the temperatures actually get on the same page. This weekend is Labor Day, and we are predicting temperatures in the mid 60’s on Sunday and Monday.


This weekend also kicks off college football season, and there are some pretty big games being played on week one. My television and porch will be a very popular destination for me on Saturday. Hopefully by then, this tropical depression will have dumped a little rain on our thirsty soil. We have not had a drop of rain since Martha and I returned from overseas on August 13th. Prior to then, we had been getting steady rains once or twice a week. Some folks at Riverview are beginning to draw unflattering conclusions about these two events. I plan to stick with my dad’s old words of wisdom that stated “dry weather will scare you, but wet weather will ruin you”. I’ve experience both extremes in my life, and I will take “too dry” any day of the week.


At any rate, our food plots have all made it, and our grain sorghum has all been harvested. A rain would be most welcome, but it is not critical at this moment. We would like to see some cooler weather so that we could have more productive hours of dog training, and that appears to be headed our way.


On an entirely different subject, it seems that any discussion of politics these days is difficult to have in a civil manner; so what I’m about to say is a matter of public record rather than an opinion. I just read the list of companies who have paid Hilary Clinton huge sums of money for her speeches. I recognize many of those companies as having visited here in the past. As anyone who has ever hunted with us knows, I always give a very in depth safety talk to each group. I never realized that I could have been charging $250,000+ for my speeches. I know what I talked about, but I certainly wonder what she said that was worth so much money?


In closing, if football season begins this weekend, we know that hunting season is also just around the corner, and we are VERY ready for that also. Come see us this season!