Fall Quail Hunting

Very rarely in south Georgia does the calendar arrival of fall and the actual arrival of fall occur simultaneously, but it certainly has this year! We are back in the hunting business, and could not ask for more perfect hunting conditions. We got a big rain of 3+ inches last week to aid in the scenting conditions for the dogs. Our low temps are now in the mid 40’s and our highs are in the mid 70’s. If I promised someone a pretty day and they would not accept today, I would just be inclined to whip their butts.


We continue to be excited about our English Cocker flushing/retrieving dogs for this season. All of the guests who have hunted with them so far have really enjoyed the experience. While we are still training and finishing 2-3 more, I believe that we are actively using them with 6 or 7 of our 15 hunting guides. Training the guides was more difficult than training the dogs. Eventually, we hope to have one of these little dogs on each jeep, but that will probably take another year.


One of the things that we train our guides on is subjects to avoid when talking to guests. One of those subjects is politics. I’m about to make a statement that is a reflection on neither party. Rather, I am commenting on everyone in Washington these days, and how they are handling the many complex issues we are facing such as ISIS, Ebola, the IRS, the VA, etc. I think that I have a solution to the problem. Since it is illegal to kill all of the stupid people running our country, why don’t we just remove the warning labels from all products, and let natural selection wean them out. Since our leaders are dumber than a box of rocks, we should be rid of them by Christmas utilizing my plan.


If you have not booked a hunt for this season, give us a call. Open slots are disappearing fast!