Fall is in the Air

In my last post, I mentioned that I could smell fall in the air. I couldn’t put my finger on it,but there is just a sixth sense that country folks get when one lives close to the land. Well, I can FEEL fall today!My old Lab,Sugar,feels it also. She is ┬ástill pouting with me over the fact that I left her in the kennel on our first dove hunt a few weeks ago.I was only doing what was best for her on that hot day,but she is a female and does not need a very valid reason to pout. If this weather holds, I may have a chance to make it up to her.


All of God’s creatures feel the change in the air,especially the deer. Bow season opened here this past Saturday, and deer definitely are aware of that fact. I think that they get the publication of the seasons before us humans do. I read the other day that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that car/deer collisions total about one million per year.About 200 persons are killed and some 10,000 are injured in mishaps.Damage per vehicle averages $3000.West Virginia leads all states in car/deer collisions.I wonder if that means that West Virginia has more deer or if West Virginians are just poorer shots than the rest of us.


Thank goodness quail are not a menace to society unless you count the times a man has to change his underwear after an explosion of wings from beneath his feet.