Cold Weather

I don’t know about you folks, but I would like to find that Al Gore fellow, and tell him where he could stick his global warming theory. After looking at the weather in places like Boston and Nashville, I know that I should not complain, but it is getting colder by the minute down here in the sunny south. I just got back from exercising, and there was a steady cold wind blowing out of the northwest at about 25-30 mph while the actual temperature is only 48 degrees. that makes for a fairly brisk wind chill. I bet our bird dogs are either pointing covies that are 100 yards away from them or running over them if they come into the birds from the wrong side of the wind.


However, as I stated earlier, I have no business complaining. One of my daughters lives only about four and a half hours north of here, about an hour above Atlanta. They are in the midst of a full fledged ice storm with power out and trees down all over the place. A very close friend of mine who lives in Brevard, N.C. sent me a photo of his drive yesterday, and it is a solid sheet of ice. They are hoping to be able to escape their home by Sunday. I feel sorry for his wife because I have a feeling he might get ornery after being housebound for six days.


If any of you folks have a hankering to see some green grass rather than that white stuff, we have four more weeks of hunting season left after this week. I can’t promise you that the weather will be warm, but I can almost guarantee you that we will not have any snow or ice at Riverview.


In closing, I just have to share this funny thought that my friend,Mike, sent me the other day. He said, ” If we could convince the Chinese that Jihadists’ testicles were aphrodisiacs, within ten years they would be extinct”.