Cold Weather Quail Hunting in South Georgia

I have no clue what a polar vortex is, but I would just as soon not see this bad boy again. It needs to head on back up to the polar region where the inhabitants are bred to survive such weather. I realize that most of you are going to have very little sympathy for me when I begin whining about how cold it was down here. Once in my early years after a particularly grueling day, my Dad asked me if I needed a little sympathy. When I responded to him that I could sure use a bit, he replied by telling me to look in the dictionary and I would find it listed between s- -t and syphilis. Pop was a hard man! At any rate, I have learned not to expect much sympathy, but I want to share the following observations about our recent cold snap:


1) Dogs lose interest in fussing and fighting, and only want to snuggle up together.
2)Guides become mutinous if you ask them to get on their jeeps even one minute before 9:00 am.
3)The quail fly faster probably trying to generate some body heat.
4)I do not feel the need to stand outside and chat with my guests as they climb on the jeeps.
5) I am not envious of my guests opportunity to hunt quail as they ride out to the courses on the convertible jeeps.
6) If you septic tank overflows(and ours did),frozen poop doesn’t have much smell.
7) If your pipes freeze at your house and you can’t shower, you will not smell too badly either.


Allow me to add that if the South had won the War Of Northern Aggression, I would have ceded the North lands back to them because I certainly would not have wanted to occupy the conquered territory! Our blood is just too thin for this type of cold. Perhaps folks in the northern climates keep more antifreeze in their bodies than we do.


The quail hunting is going great this season. We have VERY few open dates available between now and the end of the season with the exception of Valentine’s Day weekend. I fear that male America has been hijacked by the card,candy,and flower industry.


I will close with this funny quote that I saw on the Internet this morning concerning the recent cold snap–It is so cold that I saw a Democrat with his hands in his own pocket.